CHUYEN VIET Technology Development Co., Ltd.

CHUYEN VIET Technology Development Co. was founded and operated by engineers with many years of experience in the field of Telecommunications - Informatics - Automation and security equipment.In the above areas have extremely important roles in modern society, in order to improve work efficiency, safeguard assets and limit the risks regrettable, keep their lives I always feel secure and develop.

With high sense of responsibility, always appreciate quality equipment and customer's interests first, the engineering team of enthusiastic and creative in their work, we believe that will please all your customers and your guests see success is our success.

CHUYEN VIET Technology Development Co. is a provider of equipment:

- SUPREMA - KOREA: On the control gate in / out and timekeeping.

- Chiyu - TAIWAN: On the control gate in / out and timekeeping.

- COP SECURITY: On Camera surveillance and fire alarm burglar alarm.

- MOXA: Regarding industrial automation.

We have a responsibility on behalf of the manufacturer providing products and customer support during the consultation, design, installation, use and maintenance of equipment.

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