PABX 2 Trunk 8 extensions

    Installing simple programming using conventional telephones .

    Supports multiple simultaneous ringing pattern , rotate , group extensions in the order of priority .

    Call Management via PC ( Reverse Polarity / automatic ) .

    Support DISA ( Option )

    Charging calls that use the software.

    Power outages remain in touch with the outside .

    Select trunk when called out.

    Allow or disallow any extension to call out, mobile , inter- provincial , international and many other useful functions .


Specifications and features of the telephone switchboard Adsun FX208PC

    FX208PC Adsun switchboard configuration : 2 trunks and 8 extensions

    The maximum distance from PBX extensions to 1000 m

    Internal call at no cost

    Diverting calls flexibility and easy

    Install convenient programming by telephone often , simple configuration command .

    Communion calls from trunks in

    3- person conference conversation

    Announced a call from the trunk into the bell receiver is busy.

    Play music while awaiting transfer.

    Select accounts for the trunk : 0 or 9 .

    Trunk choice to call out.

Automatic mode DISA service (Option): PABX Adsun FX208PC operate automatically (no online, when a call to the PBX from outside will automatically detect the greeting, press the direct instructions extensions).

    Select the type of ringing on request: Ring cycle, Ring simultaneously, Hunting Group (other machine automatically ring when busy).

    Thanks to the absence ring (Call Forward)

    Calls ringing distinguish internal and external calls from trunks in.

    Block outgoing calls for each service: mobile, intercity, international, IP (171, 177, 178, ..).

    Charging calls that use software (Option)

    Recgnize signal polarity reversal ensuring accurate billing.

    Memory store call data of the nearest 200 call.

    Trunk line connection to the PBX machine internal power failure.

    Automatically check the internal and the Jack of extension, support the installation of: no.

    Size: 32cm - 19cm - 5cm

    Weight: 2.3kg

    Voltage: 220VAC, 50-60Hz frequency Number

⇒ Purpose Used: corporate office, restaurant, hotel, café, family ....

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