Internal telephone exchange or via Internet protocol transmitted over IP platform called IP PBX - PBX ( English : Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange , abbreviated IP PBX or IP - BX ) is a private telephone network using Internet protocol ( Internet protocol) to make phone calls to the outside, usually applied within a company , restaurant , school , hospital , business or multi- branch connectivity . Data is transmitted by voice packets over IP or LAN / WAN / Internet instead of the telephone network (cable line) normal .

In any business that , when engaged in the business of an always present voice PBX to communicate with customers , partners and other business partners . The current trend , PABX IP - PBX is a component in the solution / system IP Telephony , IP - Centrex . To deploy IP Telephony IP PBX you need , analog phone / IP phone softphone , Voice Gateway types, connection ( leased line , Internet , LAN , WAN , ... ) . Some features are integrated in the IP PBX or can reside on different servers . For example an IP PBX can include SIP / H323 server, SIP / H323 proxy server IVR , Recording Server , Gateway.


IP - PBX switchboard divided into 02 groups: PBX packaged under certain specified hardware and are usually accompanied by license . The types of PBX by large firms provide as Avaya , Siemens , Alcatel - Lucent , Cisco , Panasonic , Ericsson , Nortel , LG , the second most common type .... trending technology based open source operating on the IP PBX softswitch format - software installed on the Server PC / Server Desktop , use the Asterisk card or Voice Gateway to connect to the PSTN through FXO ports / FXS , E1 / T1 / J1 , BRI , .. Earlier last used phone is the Analog / IP , software softphone (software telephone calls via computer).



Connect internal calls and landline networks

    + Computer to computer (computer to computer, PC to PC): This is the easiest way to VoIP applications, you will not need to pay for long distance calls, just a piece of software (soft phone), Microphone, speakers, a sound card and an Internet connection.

    + Computer to phone (Computer to Telephone, PC to Phone): The method allows you to call anyone (who has a phone) from your computer.

    + Phone to PC (Telephone to Computer, Phone to PC): With special telephone number or card, mobile phone users can usually make calls to computer users have installed the software and running on the network.

    + Phone to phone (telephone to telephone, phone to phone): Through the use of the IP Gateway, you can connect directly with anyone else in the world uses regular phones. You need to call into their IP Gateway then dial the number they are connected via IP networks.

Conference call

Conversation many people are set to allow call recipients participate throughout conversational calls or can be set to the call recipient may only listen but not speak . May allow call , add more people to . Reduce the time when you want to convey the same content to multiple recipients .

Auto services

Call Forwarding: This is the function that allows subscribers transfer calls to an Extension any predetermined (internally PBX) or 1 mobile phone number ... when employers How is busy or does not want to hear

Cance Call Forwarding: Disabling Call Forwarding

Tranfer: When there is a call to a center or a telephone company, the person having the phone will transfer the call to a number of people you want to meet Extension by pressing the Extension. eg When a phone number A: 0912345678 call's number 1 company 04.3123456 meet telemarketer B: A: Let me see England CB: Agree (people phone will dial the UK Extension of C to A can talk to C)

Pickup: is a function that allows people to pick up other people when their machines ringing. Pick up 2 types: direct and Pickup Pickup groups.

  • Direct Pickup: Only 1 pair Extension can pick each other

  • Pickup group: often applied to a group of people in one department, anyone can pick up the other person's phone when ringing.

User permissions to the dragon / international call: You can grant password or internal number.

Automatic call distribution ACD - Automated Call Distribution: The system will automatically distribute calls matching the user's interaction with the system.

Auto-Attendant (IVR) - Interactive Voice: We can say this is one feature acts as your phone but with the Voice User Guide has been preprogrammed to provide detailed guidance for calling the company or headquarters ... eg "welcome you for calling the first node to meet ty..an ..."

Call Park: Allows transfer the call is answered at the Park Place to another member in the same system.

Voice mail: This feature allows system messages received voice message. Each phone is supplied additional voicemail features. Every time the phone is busy, the system will directly address the call to voicemail, respectively.

Voicemail transfer: This feature allows you to divert calls to voicemail when you're unavailable to listen.

Voicemail dial: If you do not want your phone to ring recipient ( avoid disturbing unnecessary ) , you can speak directly to the recipient's voice mail . Recipients will then hear your information from Voice mail.


Benefits of IP - PBX switchboard compared to traditional PBX

    Low Cost: No charge intercity calls , international calls.

    Easy installation and configuration

    Leveraging the existing infrastructure ( Internet , LAN , ... ) .

    Easy to expand without having to upgrade hardware or PBX innovation .

    Easy transition region .

    Not restricted telephone number by using IP phones ( SIP ) .

    Easily monitor and manage system administrators via the Web site .

  Labor saving switchboard : Thanks to automatic mechanism : Automatic answer ( IVR ) , AutomaticCall Distribution ( ACD ) , Voice mail ...



Analog PBX


Investment cost/deployment/maintenance

Initial investment costs : low

Deployment costs : High

Maintenance costs : High

Initial investment costs : Average

Deployment costs : Average

Maintenance costs : low

The ability to upgrade and expand the internal

Limited and subject initial investment ability of the operator (fixed number of users )

Expenses arising from infrastructure and equipment upgrades : very high

Unlimited number of users when upgrading add more devices integrate easily and quickly

Expenses arising from infrastructure and equipment : Low

The ability to upgrade and expand multi-site branch

Limited and costly or can not connect to the remote branch or to borrow intermediary services of the Service Provider ISP

No restriction site connectivity Easy connection and utilize multi- branch and inter phone , reduce outsourcing costs

Interoperability with other systems

Investment expenses are high

Or new equipment to purchase specialized equipment for each system

Interact easily via SIP and protocol support as VoIP over IP , voice conferencing , multi Consolidated Communications ( UC ) , Microsoft OCS / Lync / Exchange


The ability to utilize traditional PBX connectivity with IP - PBX switchboard

However , the ability to leverage the traditional PBX and watch as 01 Extension groups of IP -PBX switchboard new normal and easy interaction with other communication systems via IP - PBX switchboard . Therefore , to help businesses take advantage of the performance costs of the initial investment and used to full capacity before completely switching to improve the system IP - Centrex technologies to keep pace with the times and take advantage of utility services that PBX system usually can not be obtained in order to improve performance and the ability to fully exploit the service/application availability for enterprise business.



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