Power distribution cabinets

Power distribution cabinet is an integral part of any industrial or civil way, from power plants to substations , transmission systems distribute electricity to consumers . It is used as a place for the installation and protection of electrical switchgear and control devices , where power distribution connectors for the project , ensuring isolation devices charged with power users in during operation .

Power distribution cabinet is divided into two categories as shields distributive ( MSB ) and power distribution cabinets ( DB ) .

1. Power distributive cabinets ( MSB )

Power distribution cabinets MSB is electric cabinet was installed immediately after the voltage station (from 15kV to 380VAC) , the main function of the MSB is switching , protecting the safety of the power system load . Rated current can reach 6300A . Sectional cabinets designed , each drawer is designed with specific functions such as : tank ACB / MCCB total , the holder of the MCCB / MCB output load capacitor tank , tank volume switch ATS sources , expertise remote monitoring via GPRS ... . MSB is designed and assembled according to the IEC60439-1 standard , IP42 protection level applicable to the electrical panel located in the electrical panel and IP54 for outdoor set .


Power distributive cabinets are used in low voltage networks and is the most important component in the electricity distribution network . Electrical cabinets are installed in a room of the total electrical engineering for industrial buildings such as factories, industrial buildings , commercial centers , office buildings , apartment buildings , hospitals , schools , ports, airports ... it is placed after the previous station and low voltage power distribution cabinets (DB) .

2. Power Distribution Cabinet ( DB )

Power distribution cabinets DB (Distribution Board) is the distribution cabinets are used in low voltage networks . DB cabinet position after the cabinet usually distributive (MSB) at the nodes . Rated current can reach 1000A , provide power for one group of devices or terminals (pumps , motors , machines ...) . It is the smallest type of electrical cabinet , it placed near the load , inside or just include MCB/RCCB , light phase , fuse . Some special cabinets fitted kWh meter , Amper design , Volt design , phase loss protection , capacitor



Distribution cabinets are usually installed at room DB operation of industrial buildings , factories , industrial buildings , commercial centers , apartment ...


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