Control cabinet

Engine control panel is used to control MCC and protection of motors , pumps .. , large capacity . There are ways to boot , control depending on engine type and requirements of the client as : direct boot , boot stars - triangular , soft start , variable frequency motor drives ... Cabinets filled with the main components : MCCB circuit breaker / MCB , Contactor , Relay, Timer , inverter (inverter) , soft start (Soft Starter) , or the launch star - triangle.


Motor control cabinets divided into the following categories:

1. Run hard:

Often applied to small capacity engines (<10kW), boot method star / triangle. This method has advantages: low cost, easy to test, stable operation. Cons: often used for low-power motor, inrush current limit is not large, for high powered engine is only applicable when the power supply well.

2. Run the software:

Often applications for large capacity engines and weak power supply. Cabinets often use the device's first soft launch of prestigious companies. Motor control cabinets with soft start is very important in industrial, energy saving huge increase working life of engine operation and does not affect other devices in the grid when operated motor. This application is very valuable for controlling the voltage applied to the motor, reduces inrush to 1.5 ÷ 3 times the rated current depends on the load size because when the engine is shut directly into the grid , inrush of asynchronous motors will be great from 5 ÷ 8 times the rated current. This category has higher costs than fished hard boot.

3. Run the inverter :

This plan is full of advantages of soft start , moreover can change the motor speed . The advantage of power savings , maximize the capacity to work . Booting with inverter helps stabilize voltage , avoid pressure drop for other electrical devices . Motor protection when a short circuit , overload , phase loss , high and low voltage . Help persistence engine to engine longevity .


Engine control cabinet used to launch , control speed and direction of rotation of the motor . Often installed to control for large-capacity engine in factories , workshops, pumping stations ... .


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