ATS cabinets

The main function of the ATS is to transfer load shields to use redundant power sources like generators when the main power off the grid. Additionally, ATS usually protective function when the grid and generator were incidents such as phase loss, neutral loss, overvoltage, voltage drop, ... Cabinets ATS will automatically switch to standby power and the source the restoration of ATS will automatically switch power back on. Transfer time backup source can be placed in about 5 ÷ 10s, when electricity restored, ATS wait for a period of 10 ÷ 30 seconds to determine the stability of the power grid. ATS has 2 operation modes: automatic or manual. In front of the cabinet with push buttons, LCD and LED indicators for system operators to adjust the time switches, operating mode.

ATS has communication ports for easy connection to PC site to edit parameters , it is available MOBUS communication module . ATS is designed to ensure the switchgear as ACB / MCCB are bound together ensures safe operation . Able to integrate with system distribution cabinets and cabinets MSB total power compensation to improve the flexibility of the system has multiple sources , multiple transmitters , to provide uninterrupted power to the critical load .

ATS can integrate more functions to monitor and control remotely through the use of PLC controller manufacturers such as Siemens , Mitsubishi ...


ATS electrical cabinets used in industrial areas such as factories, industrial workshops, commercial centers , office buildings , apartment buildings , hospitals , ports, airports ... where loads require power supply continuity , or the region or grid outages unexpectedly.


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