Gate automatic arm FAAC (Italy) model 412/413/415/402

FAAC commitment to giving customers the absolute safety products (meets and exceeds safety standards of Europe ) , energy savings - environmentally friendly . 412 - Gate automatic arm 220V motor civil applications for port rotation with each wing width 1.8m

413 - Gate automatic arm 220V electric motor for rotating gates each wing width 1.8m (up to 2.5m with power locks )

415 - Gate automatic arm 220V or 24V electric motor for rotating gates each wing width 2.5 - 3 m (up to 3 - 4m with electric lock )

402 - Gate automatic arm 220V hydraulic motor for rotating gates each wing width 3m

Feature :

Safety area ( SAFEzone ) : are generated through secure encryption device absolute ( SAFEcoder ) have in the new control board . This device ensures full control of motor activity : (i ) detect and immediately reversed when facing an obstacle ; ( ii ) install an automatic and extremely precise deceleration and your region Journeys end position without electronic switches journey ; ( iii ) avoid pressed into barricades motor mechanic journeys , contribute to improving engine life and operating cycle ; ( iv ) avoid sudden movement of the tailgate when the device lost power due to always remember the gate position .

Green Technology ( Greentech ) was created through the combination of electrical equipment and electronic latest generation of advanced mechanical solutions for reducing energy consumption and the cost of operating the system : (i ) use switches supply with much higher performance of traditional solutions ; ( ii ) optimizing time opens the gate to help save energy ; ( iii ) new controller boards enable sleep mode ( Sleep Mode) Pending help reduce power consumption when the system is not working ; ( iv ) use the device SAFEencoder allow reduced working time of the system.

 Multifunction Receiver : Motherboard electronic control with integrated receiver multifunction radio control allows the system to use the same hand at a variety of different drivers .


Installation , Easy connection : motherboard drivers are connected easily and quickly to the peripherals as safety sensors , remote control , flashlight , ... only with 2 wire cable.


 Enhanced ability to integrate , connect : Motherboard drivers have compatibility and more connectivity with external modules help device easily integrates with system management intelligence.


 Hybrid technology : combining hydraulic motor and 24V technology enables operating systems : strong , durable , smooth to medium accuracy and safety .

- The engine does not turn around so no need to install electric locks

 - Installation and maintenance simple

 - High level of security against bumps , obstacles encountered automatic stops

 - Body nacelle made ​​of cast aluminum alloy protective coating against corrosion

 - Close opened by remote control or buttons inside home

 - Having opened one wing selected mode for pedestrians , motorcycle or automobile wings open 2

 - Close automatically from 15-200s or control

 - Adjust the latency of 2 wings

 - Can be opened if power by locking the key

 - Can operate even during a power outage due to system or UPS Battery

 - Can be used in combination with the control card , smart home , battery , UPS ...

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